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At Art on Mayan Stone we work with Natural Stones from Yucatán: Ticul, Conchuela or Coquina, Macedonia or Crema Maya and Fossil.

The Natural stone of Yucatan also known as Cantera Yucateca or Cantera Maya is among the favorites of the Architects who use it in the cladding of Beautiful Residences and Luxurious Hotels.

Our Main Stones are:

Conchuela or Coquina Stone: The Conchuela or Coquina Stone and also called Sisal Stone, is one of the best known in Yucatan, it has shades between white and sand, in it you can see the shapes of corals and inlays of fossilized shells thousands of years ago. years. It is ideal for columns, moldings, garden ornaments and has endless applications.

Ticul stone. The Ticul stone has a color that ranges from golden, orange to red tones. The Ticul Stone is used by many architects and designers because it is so versatile. It is a stone that is applied both indoors and outdoors. It’s Great for Moldings, Columns, Fountains, Countertops, etc. The Mayans used it in the construction of the Magnificent City of Uxmal.

Macedonian Stone or Mayan Cream Stone: This Stone has a color that ranges from Beige to Cream tones, it has veins between brown and brown that highlight its beauty. It is a hard stone, which allows it to carve very well, being widely used in the manufacture of fireplaces. It is widely used in modern architecture since, due to its neutral tones, it goes with all Styles.

Fossil Stone. It is a stone that is extracted from the coasts of Yucatan, its tones range from white to beige, you can see many fossils of shells and snails. It is a stone with a very open pore and gives a beautiful rustic touch to your applications.

Macedonian Stone
Fossil Stone
Ticul stone
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