At  Art on Mayan Stone  we work with Natural Stone from Yucatan as: Ticul, Conchuela o Coquina, Macedonia o Crema Maya and Fossil.

The Natural Stone from Yucatan is also known as Cantera Yucateca or Cantera Maya. Our Stones have been preferred for Architects and Designers. They apply our stone in Beautiful and Luxurious Residences and Hotels.

Conchuela or Coquina  Stone "(Shell Stone)”:  Is  one of the most known of Yucatan. Has a sand-white color,  you can appreciate the marine life like coral forms  and shell incrustations deposited in the sea over millions of years that appears when the Yucatan Peninsula emerged  from the ocean.

Ticul Stone:  Ticul stone has a color ranging from orange to red tones. The Ticul Stone is used by many architects and designers because it is very versatile. It’s used for Interior and Exterior Areas. It's great for moldings, columns, fountains, Counter tops etc.  “Uxmal” the Magnificent and Ancient Mayan city was built with this beautiful stone.

Crema Maya or Macedonia Stone:  Magnificence and beauty are combined on a different and new style of marble, creating a perfect match on white and cream color It’s a hard stone, which allows a nice carving. Its neutral tones go with all Styles. Excellent for Columns, Fireplaces, Fountains.

Fossil Stone: It is a stone that is extracted from the coasts of Yucatan, their tones ranging from white to beige; we can appreciate many fossils of shells and snails. It is apply in walls, fireplaces, and other products.



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